Self Test Depression


How often have you been affected by the following symptoms at least during the last two weeks?

  • Little interest or pleasure in your activities
  • Dejection, sadness or hopelessness
  • difficulties falling or staying asleep or sleeping too much
  • fatigue or feeling no energy
  • Decreased appetite or excessive need to eat
  • very low self esteem; feeling of being a failure or letting down family and loved ones
  • Difficulty concentrating on reading the newspaper or watching television
  • Were your movements or language so slow that it became noticeable to others?
  • Or did you feel unusually fidgety and restless?
  • Thoughts about being better off dead or wishing to harm yourself

If you answered more than seven questions with "yes", it is advisable to seek help from a specialist. If you are regularly thinking about suicide in particular, it is urgent to get psychological support asap. In most cases a depressive episode can be quickly and effectively treated.


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