Individual Therapy


I‘m striving to make you reach your goal as quickly and with as few sessions as possible. In some cases even one single appointment will be sufficient. Fundamental change processes, however, can sometimes take years. If you wish to have long term support and guidance, one-week intervals between appointments have initially proven best. Later, it is quite possible to adapt the intervals at will. I attend as much as possible to your needs and you can always suggest  at what interval we should make the next appointment. It has also proven beneficial to define a number of sessions beforehand, at the end of which the problem should be solved to an extent that you will be able and willing to cope with it on your own again. Such a specification leads to an even greater concentration on the issues at hand. Naturally it is always possible to adjust the original number of sessions, should the problem be solved sooner or require more time.


Psychotherapy also ideally generates a high degree of self-knowledge and self-acceptance. This makes the present and future coping significantly easier.


Therapeutic procedures:


  • Client-centered talk therapy according to Carl Rogers
  • Elements of cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Elements of art therapy
  • Elements of systemic family therapy
  • Couples Therapy
  • Meditation, awareness and imagination exercises are used supportively
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