Individual coaching is aimed at people who want to work on difficult life situations, as well as work, family and relationship related problems with the help of a coach. Together we seek solutions for difficult and critical situations. By finding new ways of coping, developing useful strategies and leveraging your existing resources, we open up new perspectives. Coaching is a more in-depth process than consulting and aims at presenting solutions and achieving specific targets in the here and now. Typically coaching lasts between 1 - 10 sessions, with one week intervals in between. Naturally you are always free to schedule more or less sessions than originally planned at any time.


Typical Coaching topics include:


  • Solving work and family conflicts
  • Strengthening of self-confidence
  • Developing new perspectives
  • Achieving peace of mind, serenity and confidence
  • Overcoming fear of confrontation
  • Finding ways to counter bullying/mobbing at work or elsewhere
  • Coping with difficult life situations or change
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