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I‘m Glad You Found Me! 

I Can Help You With:

  • Solving job related issues

  • Solving family or relationship related issues

  • Preventing or treating burnout

  • Solving stressful emotional problems

  • Building self confidence

  • Finding new perspectives

  • Learning to manage crises constructively

  • Developing peace, serenity and confidence

  • Reducing dental phobia

  • Overcoming fear of confrontation

  • Coping with difficult life situations

  • Finding ways to deal with mobbing at work

  • Reducing fears and phobias

Happiness is a matter of perspective!

I want to help you break old habits and find new ways. You can choose between individual therapy, couples counselling and family therapy.



In the beginning  I do not know you. I do not know the circumstances under which you live and work, neither do I know about your family situation nor your life partner.

However, I have learned to see the world through the eyes of another very quickly, to empathize with diverse problems and to understand them. Furthermore I have been trained to take into account, how life partners, relatives and friends  deal with the problems of my clients. At the start I'm mainly a question expert. I've learned to ask people questions about their problems in such a way that we both benefit from it.
For me psychotherapy and coaching especially mean to find your secret strengths and to enhance and develop them. I have a keen eye and am able to spot strengths that you may not have realized and whose potential you have not yet fully developed. I am also trained to activate your dormant resources. I find it fascinating that my clients sooner or later develop skills that can overcome initially unsolvable problems and can finally make the impossible possible.
I see myself also as an expert for new perspectives. Often I get comments such as: "I've never thought of it that way.... That's a completely new idea." Through our conversations you will discover new possibilities and ways of coping that were previously inaccessible.
Absolute confidentiality on my part is the foundation for a secure relationship of trust.
Finally, I always love humor. I think humor is one of the greatest ways to deal with difficult situations.




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